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JetFlash Online Recovery is an advanced new software tool specifically developed for Transcend JetFlash USB flash drives. If your flash drive is not working properly, in most cases it can be repaired instantly by using the recovery tool's simple user-friendly interface. The JetFlash Online Recovery Tool is conveniently located on the Internet, so no matter where you go, you can service your flash drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* All data on your JetFlash drive will be permanently erased during the repair process.
  Please backup the contents of your JetFlash before proceeding.
* This software is designed to repair malfunctioning JetFlash USB flash drives. It will not recover
  any data/pictures stored on the device.
* Hardware Requirements: USB Port (supports USB2.0), Internet Connection
* System Requirements:
Windows® XP SP2/ 2000 SP4 or later version(Administrator rights required)
Windows® Vista (
Administrator rights required, must turn off UAC*) *To turn off UAC in Windows® Vista, please go to Control Panel -> User Account -> Turn User Account Control on or off -> and then uncheck ''Use User Account Control to help protect your computer.'' Please remember to restart your PC for the new settings to take effect.
Windows 7 (Administrator rights required, must turn off UAC)
*To turn off UAC in Windows 7, please go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control Settings -> change to "Never notify" -> then, Please remember to restart your PC for the new settings to take effect.

Download Links
* JetFlash Online Recovery (for Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /7)
* JetFlash Online Recovery (Only for V15; for Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /7)
* JetFlash Online Recovery (Only for JF620; for Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /7)
* User Manuals for JetFlash Online Recovery

Manuals (Traditional Chinese)

Manuals (English)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Please insert your JetFlash into a PC with Internet connection and run OnLineRecovery.exe

2. Choose "Repair drive & keep existing data" and press "START."

3. When the repair is complete, please click EXIT and unplug the JetFlash from your computer.

4. If the steps above do not resolve your problem, please choose "Repair drive & erase all data" and press "START."

5. All information stored on the JetFlash will be deleted. Press "START" to confirm and begin formatting the drive.

6. When the format is complete, please press "Exit," then unplug the JetFlash and plug it back in to your computer.

7. If the format fails, a failure message will be shown.

8. If a "Please enter product S/N" message appears, please enter the 10-digitl serial number printed on your product (Ex: 2377340001).

9. After entering the S/N, the total capacity and P/N of your JetFlash will be displayed. Press "OK" to begin the format process.

10. If you entered an incorrect S/N, a warning message will be displayed. (If you enter the wrong S/N more than 3 times, please contact Transcend)

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