Military applications are among the most demanding industries, requiring utmost reliability, stability, and security. Devices used in military applications must endure extremities of temperature, humidity, and altitude. Devices deployed to military zones must withstand shocks and vibrations. For sensitive or confidential information relating to national security, data security is vital. Transcend’s memory products offer solutions to address these issues, coming in a variety of form factors to accommodate the stringent spatial constraints of military equipments.

Enduring the most severe environments

Transcend offers a complete line of ruggedized flash and DRAM memory modules, tested to sustain shock and vibration, and tailored to address the military need for high reliability solutions. Conformal Coating technology protects devices from dust, electrical interference, and moisture, while Underfill and Corner Bond increase protection against mechanical stress. Wide Temperature technology allows the device to withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. In harsh military areas where sulfur is present in high concentrations, Anti-Sulfur Technology prevents sulfur buildup.

Stable and secure solutions for data protection

To keep highly confidential information secure, Transcend’s SSDs are equipped with hardware-based AES encryption and are compliant with the TCG Opal 2.0 Specifications, offering superior data protection. The Hardware Purge feature allows sensitive data to be quickly, securely, and irrecoverably erased. The Intelligent Power Shield enhances data transfer reliability in the event of a sudden power outage. The Thermal Sensor meanwhile allows the device to monitor any temperature changes to avoid overheating.

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